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Hi Patrick,

In this case I don't believe the Blue Book is correct. You will find the blue book values for Colts may be dead on or way off. With Colts, it's what the market will bear. Add in the geography factor, the $325 you spent for one in "in like new condition with no wear" in California is not a bad deal at all. Certainly not a smoking good deal, but not bad. Remember those are not on the so called (Calif) approved list, so finding one from a private party or on consignment makes buying one at all in any condition rather tough.

Recently the Colt single action 22's are becoming quite desirable. Check what the guys are asking on Gunbroker & at the gun shows to see that many have price tags in the mid 400's & above. To net it out, you didn't get hurt on that one at that price.

As far as pros & cons? Well, this one is a shooter. And pretty good at that. Last time in the field was on a motorcycle desert riding trip north east of you in Lassen County. I chose to take this gun so I could do a little plinking and varmiting along the trails. I love it.

<img src={B3D3C3FC-9C30-4426-8494-8EB2B6ECD221}/picture.JPG>
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