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Thanks for sharing that article and in that test they're not lubing it and it still works for that long time.

Here's an article that they did not clean the carbine at all, they just lube it and it went over 40K+ rounds without problems just using todays modern lubricant, the article was first published on S.W.A.T. Magazine Oct 2010 issue when the carbine had over 30K mileage.

In my own personal experience since my first Colt Sporter II carbine in '85 and other different Colt model carbines, all of them were very reliable, if ever I had a rare misfire it only took several seconds to clear it and I continue shooting, the cause of the rare failures are bad ammo and mags, not the carbine.

S.W.A.T. MAGAZINE ? FILTHY 14 : Slip 2000 Official Blog
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