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Guns magazine (digital version) recently posted a Colt SAA story by Mike Venturino.
I found his remarks on Colts black powder frame & smokeless powder frame very interesting. Here’s the excerpt:
“First let’s look at the two basic frames used to build Colt Single Action Army revolvers during its 133 years of existence. The first frame style used a screw angling in from the front to secure the cylinder’s base pin. Because this frame style was standard from 1873 until 1892 collectors dubbed it the “black-powder frame.” Starting about in 1892, but not becoming standard until 1898, Colt introduced a frame wherein the cylinder base pin was secured by a transverse spring-loaded latch. This is what is called a “smokeless-powder frame,” but since Colt did not warranty the SAA for smokeless powder until 1900, obviously the name is a misnomer. Although the frame style with transverse latch has been standard for over 100 years, it should also be mentioned Colt made the so-called “black-powder frame” available again in commemorative form in the 1970s, and on special order from the Colt Custom Shop in the 1980s. They’re not made now”
Thoughts? Comments? Reactions?
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