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Alan, I was tempted to move to Prescott in the past. I discovered the place in 1973 and loved it. In 1983 Dave Wolfe called and asked if I was interested in moving thereto work for him. It was tempting but at the time Yvonne and I owned a small movie theater so neither one of us had to punch anyones time clock. I’ve been there many times and that Broken Spur is my favorite breakfast eatery in the whole world.
In 1988 when we went to Livingston, Mt. to visit our daughter I remember seeing a movie theater in Gardiner, on the northern edge of Yellowstone. It was on the left driving north. When you mentioned a theater in one of your books or articles later I wondered if that was one you owned. My daughter’s in-laws were members of a religious group or cult run by a Mother Mary, I believe. But my daughter and son in law weren’t into it.
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