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Misc. Colt parts.

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My gunsmith who is too ill to continue his business sent me some more misc. Colt parts today. I recognize some of the parts like Python Barrels, a Trooper barrel; a Cobra 22 barrel; a nickel Police positive Special barrel, and a late underlug blue Police Positive barrel; a never in a gun 2nd gen SAA 357 mag cylinder, etc.
I will have to call my friend to get some idea on prices, but they will be reasonable. If I can't identify all of the small parts, I will probably just show a picture of them and let you tell me.
I hope to get most listed on WTS section before I have to have hand surgery on Thursday. That will slow me down a bit.
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Put a nice little Machinists Ruler or Tape Measure along side any unknown Parts.

( Edited to correct a typo I did not notice when I posted )
Oyeboten: excellent suggestion !! I will have to see if I can find a machinist's ruler. Thanks !
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