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Miss-Matched 1911A1

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I'm looking at a circa WW2 1911 with a Remington-Rand slide and a Ithaca frame (serial # on the frame matches with Ithaca Gun Co. for 1944)
The pistol is supposed to be "Mint" (and actually looks so) in brown oiled paper in the original light-tan cardboard box.
My question is, what is the value of this "Miss-Matched" Arsenal 1911 ?

Thanks for all your help.

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If the pistol is fresh from rebuild it could have a value in the $1000/1250 range.

The term "Mint" describes a coin or stamp that is still in the condition it was when minted. The term has come to be accepted in grading guns, so would indicate the original condition just as it left Ithaca Gun Co. in 1944.
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