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Hi guys
I was up at the trading post today and saw this little .25 cal Colt.
The tag on it said Colt 1903.
I thought the 1903 was bigger and although I think I know a lot about guns I do not claim to know everything and certainly am no expert. I figured It must have come in 2 models (a .32 and a .25)
After I get home with it all the books I have, and serial number references, and web sites, etc confirm my thoughts.
I think this is a model 1908, made in 1919.
Does anyone know if the model 1903was made small in the .25 cal. and looks like a model 1908?
Or would you guess I have a model 1908?
That brings me to the next question.
If they sold it as a Colt, model 1903 and I bought it as a Colt, model 1903, what do I put in my bound book? model 1908?

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I answered your question on another forum, but I'll restate the answer here for other's benefit:

There are three Colt Pocket Automatic models:
The 1903 was available in .32 ACP, only.
The 1908 was available in .380 ACP, only.
The 1908 Vest Pocket Model was in .25ACP only.

The 1903 and 1908, also known as the Colt Model "M", are essentially the same gun, except for the caliber and markings.

The Colt 1908 Vest Pocket Model, also known as the Colt Model "N", is an exact copy of the FN Browning .25 auto.

So, there are TWO Colt Model 1908 pocket autos, but one is officially known as the 1908 Pocket Model, and the other is the Colt Vest Pocket Model.

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How recently did Colt make their Pocket Automatic in .25acp?

Reason I ask is my wife has a .25 caliber Colt auto without the grip safety. It is from the 1970s or later. The problem is I cannot find many references to it.

This is not something she's trying to sell. I'm trying to find her some instructions and the atcual "name" of the gun.

Tonight, I'll give the serial number and a photo.

Anyone know?

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