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Model 1896-How did I do?

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An LGS very near me calls me whenever they get an older Colt revolver they think I may be interested in.
This is the first 1896 Army model I've ever really seen. It seemed to be a reasonable price and really nice condition, so I figured I'd take a chance. I'm not sure whether the finish is original, but I hope so. Seems to be fine mechanically, bore is excellent. The lanyard is missing, anyone know where I could get one?
How did I do? How much should I have paid?


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It may well be a trick of the lighting, but to me, it's been heavily buffed before refinishing, and someone's attempted to hand-checker the smooth walnut grips.

Lanyard rings for these are something you happen upon, for the most part, though I believe someone makes a reproduction, since so many are missing.
I'm totally ignorant when it comes to these models but I think you paid just the right amount as that's what it was worth to you at the time. Enjoy what looks like a nice piece.

I can't say for sure that the gun has been refinished, but the frame edges look soft (slightly rounded) and the hammer axle appears to be flattened somewhat, so it may have been refinished. The stocks have either been modified (they should be smooth) or replaced. The ejector rod knob appears to have come from a later New Army or Navy (it should be smooth, not knurled, on this model). This gun did not originally have a lanyard ring. It was later modified by the Government to have one. Unfortunately, the swivel on this model is different from the more common ones that came later, so originals will be very hard to find. There was extensive discussion on this subject a few months ago - search the Forum for "DA Swivel", "New Army Swivel", "New Navy Swivel", or something like that to see what you can find. I recall that someone had finally found one or a reproduction, but I don't remember the details.

Why don't you tell us what you paid? Then we'll either commiserate or congratulate.;)

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Why don't you tell us what you paid? Then we'll either commiserate or congratulate.;)Buck
It was $400. Thanks for the swivel info!
Refinished but I don't think it is a terrible refinish. Two clues are the sides of the hammer should be in the white and the trigger and screws should be fire blue. I think it looks pretty pleasant though. Enjoy it!
It was $400. Thanks for the swivel info!
I think you did OK.

Grips are either aftermarket or modified military, and the finish does not look original, perhaps buffed.

The lanyards will be next to impossible to find; I know because I spent months looking for one before I lucked out and got mine. These revolvers used a unique stud that to the best of my knowledge was not shared by later Colts and S&W's (not sure about earlier Colts).

$400 would be a little high for what I'd expect one in that shape would go for, but not too crazy high. If it locks up tight you did alright.
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