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We got 40+ of these Colt books out to the forum members last month. Just got the last known batch of these. Early 1980s Colt Gun Record Books. As new. $20 each shipped to you; $35 for two, shipped.
BBE427D8-DD21-4D0C-BEEA-ACE9406A2C55.jpeg C01E52FC-0DC7-4B75-A1FE-037AFAE36297.jpeg 576092E9-9D89-455F-B863-35B1BF894060.jpeg
Dave Chicoine 1979 obsolete Smith and Wesson parts price list; great detailed information with excellent schematics $20 shipped
B53E9C1D-D5C6-4164-9F28-6E79CCAA671E.jpeg BCBD67D8-14D7-4033-A0AC-27BC0F56FE1F.jpeg
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