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Thanks Matt, that was a terrific video of Jim and his fast draw and gun handling skills.

Hey Jim, do these videos bring back memories of the old days at Baja and Big Bear? It's nice to be able to think back at those early combat ....... er, excuse me, not combat but "practical shooting". God I hate political correctness. You had to be at some of those matches weren't you Jim?

Remember back in the late sixties when Jack Weaver (deputy weaver I should say) would use his own "Weaver" stance: for accuracy and old Thell Reed would still beat him with one hand?

If I remember right, didn't they have some of those combat matches at the Apple Valley Gun Club as well, or was that later on in the seventies?

Big Bear was where it all started though. Jeff Cooper, Thell Reed, Jack Weaver and many other were instrumental in building combat shooting in those days.

Were you involved in any of that Jim, or just fast draw?

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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