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...or in some of the WWII Hollywood movies where the 'russians' are involved, 'russian' soldiers speak in a British accent.

I think the movie 'Enemy at the Gates' had that.

As a Carpenter and Woodworker, I notice in the seldom seen Movie 'scene' in which Carpentry or Wood Woodworking are being imitated, almost always it is conspicuously just some pantomime or pretend gesture and full of 'holes'.

Another one which used to get me were the use of fake or poorly suited sound effects, when-ever an 'old' Car was pulling in or pulling away or driving passed.

The Car could be a 1933 90 Series Buick Sedan or a '32 Chrysler Imperial or big Marmon or Cadillac even, and, the sound effects used would be for an intentionally out of tune Ford model T with holes in the Muffler-Silencer, which then also often-enough obligingly backfires.

This was mostly in 1950s or early 1960s Movies, and, always cracked me up.
1 - 2 of 45 Posts
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