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Mother of Pearl Pistol Grip Medallion Installation

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Hello all:

Does anyone here have the experience to install these pre-war colt nickel plated pistol grip medallions into my Colt 1903 Mother of Pearl pistol grips? I don't feel comfortable doing the work myself. I have attached some photos of my grips and the medallions I want to put in them. If anyone is interested in taking on this job for me, please send me a PM with a price and when they can get started.



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Why not get ahold of Raj Singh c/o Art Jewel Enterprises, Carol Stream, Ill 60188. He specializes in Mother of Pearl grips for Colts.
He is a member of the CCA and is highly reputable.
Swamprat, here at Coltforum, has done some fantastic work on Colt stocks. I do not know if he works on MOP or only wood stocks.

Those MOP stocks will look GREAT on a 1903!
Steg, do you have this guys contact information that you can post into this thread or send to me in a private message?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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