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MT 6700 dilemma

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My dilemma is I have a real nice MT 6700 upper, I have tried to sell it on and gun broker for only $750 with Knights quad rail and a scope. All the E mails I get are about the fact the upper has no flash hider. I get it, it does not look like a m16a4 with out the birdcage flash hider. So with that being said my thought is to have the barrel threaded. The cost is $140 with the flash hider, that's not bad. I don't no, I want to sell it but I am not going to give it away. Any ideas
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Part it out. If you sell the upper, the scope and the KAC rail separate you will easily get the $750 you wanted. If you are also selling the bcg and charging handle you will get even more. Don't put more money in it to make it easier to sell, it will just mean more you would have ask.
Good point, i would have thought a MT Colt upper for $750 was a damn good deal.
That barrel is wanted for the new SAFE builds in NY. Part it out.
Good idea, I am going to take it to my gunsmith and have him remove the barrel
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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