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Mustag STS Plus II

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Picked one up with it's box and was curious if they have value to them. GB is acting goofy right now so I thought I would turn to you experts. It has carry marks, but isn't in beat condition. I was thinking about giving it a bright polish just to make it pretty
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Of all the older variations of Plus II in stainless is my favorite. The re-introduction of the pocketlite killed off the value of almost all of them compared to what they were pulling before the new one came out. FWIW, I saw one in about the same condition you are describing at the last gun show for $ was still there when I left at the end of the show. Hope it helps.
+1 on what T May said and when polished are beautiful. I have one with MOP grips and sent it to have the slide engraved. It's a fav and one I'll never sell.
Thanks guys. Im 500 into it so I do not think I will get hurt but wanted confirmation before I did something silly.
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