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Looking for opinions, so there are no wrong answers.

I ran across a Mustang First Edition 380. There were some 1000 made. Go ahead and look it up (I already have) in the Blue Book or Standard Catalog of Firearms or what ever you use.

They came with a Colt hardwood display case. This one is NIB with display case, all original paperwork, original cardboard box with styrofoam, and even the original shipping box. It has no distinguishing markings to identify it as a First Edition. The way to identify is the serial number, and on the box/label. So, in once sense it would appear as an average every day Mustang if the box and display case were not included.

I have searched all the auction sites to try and determine a fair value for this piece. However because of the low production numbers I can't come up with a range. The dealer is not budging either. No matter that me and my friend have spent lots of dollars with him.

The gun is nothing special to me except that I don't have one! It really is a Safe Queen type of gun. I walked away from it today after having seen it a couple times in the past. I had cash in my pocket but was about $100 short. When I mentioned that, he said I could write a check for the rest! Obviously not part of my plan! It is not on general display but sort of reserved for his favored customers.

I just don't feel like paying a premium for having a display case, and being able to say it's a "First Edition" yet I wonder if and when I'll have the opportunity again. Go ahead and tell me what you think.

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