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Mustang Pocketlite

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One of the detectives in my office is looking to sell his .380 Pocketlite. He carried it as a bug and it shows some genuine wear, but it's 100% reliable...Can anyone here give a realistic asking price? No box or paperwork, and one magazine. Thanks in advance.


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Maybe a tad less with that wear at a second glance. I like how you say that this Colt is reliable...
... I like how you say that this Colt is reliable...
Only going by what I was told, which of course means nothing...
Truthfully, I am really not in the least bit familiar with this model. Can you elaborate?
Thanks for sharing!
They are excellent little guns. Had one for several years with zero problems.
I've never had an unreliable Colt. Mustangs are pretty good little pistols. The ejector can be a pain for beginners during reassembly on the older ones. I think the prices have really come down in the last few months .
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Probably due to the new ones I would guess!
Guessing $550-$700. They are great little pocket pistols. The only thing I did to mine other than custom grips was to replace the plastic guide rod with a metal one. Extra mags are available from Colt.

I just received my Colt Mustang Pocketlite today. The slide safety is extremely hard to engage. My wife cannot even move it.
They are a fun gun to shoot. we have two. One for myself and one for my wife.
I love my Pocketlite
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I bought a Mustang Mark IV recently. 29 years old and in mint condition, with original box and paper work and two mags. I paid $645 including the postage and background check. Great little gun.
With no box and only one mag, this one is worth about $450 plus postage and background check expenses (usually about an extrs $50).

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I just bought a brand new mustang (stainless) from an online vendor for $515 shipped. I would rather have a new one than one with the finish wear. If he won't take $350-$400 for it, just buy new.
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