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My Army Special find at the local pawnshop:

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Hello Forum Members & Readers;
A call from a friend, alerted me to the presence of an old Colt .38 Revolver, waiting for me at a local favorite pawnshop. On arrival, I was not disappointed, as I have so many times in the past. Here was this 4-inch Army Special sitting on the shelf with a 199-dollar price tag. I asked the sales clerk for a quick look and timing check before I pulled out the cash. As you can see from the picture the original blue finish was almost gone and the original hard rubber grips had a small chip in the right grip panel. The ejector rod tip was missing but the timing and rifling were superb! Hopefully, I can locate a ejector rod tip and some replacement Colt Grips to replace the damaged and well worn grip panels. I left the pawnshop, 187-dollars lighter, and feeling pretty good about my soon-to-be antique Colt project sixgun for the winter. I haven't seen one of these in any of the pawnshops around here in a long time. The sales clerk told me that the former owner had inherited this Colt Army Special, serial number 426850, and traded it in on a dad-blame Glock. If I got this Army Special for 187-dollars you can just imagine what the pawnshop gave the former Colt owner. I hope someone may give me a couple of tips on locating a rod tip for my AS so the pictured Sheriff's Dept. Lieutenant can have a whole Colt. Thank you my friends and Merry Christmas to all! I hope you enjoy the pictures of my duty Colt ,38's here, the Metropolitan MK III, and the original Official Police.


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Doncha jes' love it?
I woulda been hard pressed to not jump all over that thing.
My kind o' gun, for sure.
Well Sheriff it seems like you got a decent old Colt there.
You might want to scrounge eBay for a used ejector tip. Gun Parts Corp might have a replacement that will suffice until you locate the correct one.

Good find and good price. I really like the Army Special and the ornate black hard rubber grips. I think you've seen photos of mine, if not check out my Gallery. I think it has as much business-like looks as the OP, if not more. Good luck finding an ejector rod tip, I don't think it will be too hard. You can get repro grips from a couple of sources. If it's like mine, it will be a good shooter. Mine really likes the Western Super-X High Speed .38 loads with the 150 gr. Lubaloy coated bullet. I found two more full boxes of this load at a recent gun show for $25 a box!!! Stay safe Brother and Merry Christmas!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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