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My Colt 80 series

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I traded a kimber for this Colt it had some custom work done to it any ideas on it's worth
it was made in 1985 .
Rich Gun Firearm Trigger Starting pistol Airsoft gun
Gun Firearm Starting pistol Trigger Airsoft gun
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Hi Rich; welcome to the Colt Forum and thanks for posting this as your very first post! Congrats on the gun, enjoy it and the forum!
Hi, Rich, and welcome from the Gunshine State. That's a well-dressed Officers ACP there. Not sure what she's worth, but I'd venture a humble opinion that you came out on the better end of that deal. But I'm partial to Colts, too. I suppose the value depends on how quick you want to sell it and how bad someone might want a snazzy little concealed carry piece.
Thanks I'm going to hold on to this,I took it to the range today and it shot great. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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