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"Color buffing" is a very fine polish to produce the finest gloss. The term probably originaled in the autobody business where the final buff with the finest media brings out the "color."

If the nickel is still present (not "flaked" off), it can be shined up to its original gloss very easily. I am surprised you did not just polish the dull spots youself rather than sending it back to Colt. Nickel tarnishes and must be polished periodically to keep it looking like it did when new. Most likely, the dull spots are due to something that attacked the finish in a small way. I have been polishing dull nickel guns for decades and it is easy to do.

It is good to hear that Colt is offering such fine service. Seeing so little activity in the commercial side always makes me think that the "end is near," but apparently there is enough life to keep a service department open.
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