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My first revolver.

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I was bouncing around Craig's list the other day looking for a cheap sport bike to teach my gf on. As I was looking through the ads I came accros a month old one for a Colt Lawman MKIII priced at $450. Now I'm not one that's ever given a lot of interest to guns for sale on craigslist due most in part to the fact that you see a lot of stolen stuff. This gun is a Colt so I kind of had to call. I got ahold of the owner and met him the next day at his establishment. He then explained that the gun was purchased by his grandfather soon before passing than passed to his father and finally himself. He told me he was selling the gun because he is more of a S&W fan was looking to fund a new pistol.I took it home for $400. It's a shooter, the gun was carried a lot and shot little. Since it was carried a lot it's got some holster wear at the muzzle and the very beginnings of rust forming on the right side of the frame that was taken care of.
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That price spoils ya! At one time it was the standard, and now, it being the exception. Congrats on a fine Colt!
Thanks guys . As far as being spoiled by price yea I know I am. I've got some good luck. I picked up my first colt 2 years ago.A friend of ours grandfather sold me his nickle Colt Mustang for 350. I've put 50 rnds of .357 and over 100 .38 specials down range in the past few days.... I'm in love with this thing. This being my fist revolver I'm terrible in double action but I'm getting better. I just can't get a good grip on the stocks -_- So I ordered some lamo camo finger grove grips from hogue that will also get some grip tape. I really am bad in d/a..... like bad so along with all the practice I can afford it's getting the Wolff spring kit. I'm just alittle worried that it won't be setting off magnum primers with the 11.5 pound spring so I might have to go with the 13. I want it as light it will go while maintaining 100% of it's reliability.
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Great find! I love the bluing, walnut stocks and Colt silver medallion (the perfect Trifecta) >> very nice lockdun1:)!
A really sharp looking revolver, lockdun1, and a great price, too. Sounds like she was looking for you all along and blind-sided you when you were only in the bike market. Go figger!

Welcome to the forum!
Nice first revolver. If you are going to use it I'm probably not the only one who would like a range report.
Well played sir! For your information when the Colt Mk III was introduced there was some moaning from those purists who worshipped at the alter of previous Colt hand fitted actions and were highly skeptical of the introduction by Colt in this series of "sintered" internal parts. The Mk III was absolutely an attempt at Colt quality on a more blue collar budget. The attempt resulted in side benefits as well though. Time has to a large degree quieted the skeptics. No less an authority than Jerry Kuhnhausen, the author of "the last word" in shop manuals not only for Colt but S&W declared that the Mk III was the strongest .357 produced to that date. Regardless of internet blather and chest thumping, they give up nothing appreciable to the strength of Ruger's GP100.

It IS however prudent to ALWAYS use snap caps if dry firing. This is a frame mounted firing pin requiring a wildly expensive press to replace. The only known examples (example?) of this press reside in Connecticut at the Colt factory. For how much longer is anyone's guess. dfarriswheel has passed along anecdotal evidence that some of the firing pin batches may not have been properly heat treated and may be susceptible to breakage in dry firing without the snap caps. When snap caps ARE used the entire series has a reputation for robust longevity.

Expect hallmark Colt accuracy from this excellent barrel, and IMHO an action that while not as silky as a hand fitted Officer's Model, Python, etc. from the pre Mk III pattern is nonetheless consistent and when you get used to it, exceptionally well fitted for target/duty service. This would be my choice (probably seconded by many on a Colt forum) over a GP100 that would have cost 50% more.

The "collector" community has also "discovered" the Mk III's and at market they are experiencing a higher than average inflationary curve in resale price. This buy was a no brainer for sure.

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I can do ya one better Mr Frank. I'll post a link to a video I'ma make this weekend. I'd make it sooner but when I put my sd card in my laptop the other day it fried it :/ so i had to order a new one. Thanks guys for the congrats.rswartsell,thank you for the info. I had read that about the firing pins and picked up some snap caps on the way to pick up the colt so I could try the action. Thing is i realy want to turn it into a competent combat revolver. I enjoy how tough this thing is supposed to be,gives me confidance that if and when I have to use it for self defense it will perform under the roughest conditions.
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