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Great Story and congrats on getting another shooter to the "dark side" LOL. I am known as "The Dinosaur" at my local range where I am a pistol instructor because you will almost always see a wheel gun on my hip.Students will scream about the virtues of "Capacity" over my lowly six gun to which I will say "If you can't handle a defensive situation with 5 or 6 rounds of 38+P and one tactical reload you don't need a semi-auto.....YOU NEED A SWAT TEAM." I will then go thru the proceedure you must go thru if you have a jam with a semi-auto and ask them to imagine that while bullets are flying at you.In comparison the same thing happens with my revolver, click no boom,pull trigger again BOOM.When you don't have the false security of "SPRAY AND PRAY" you also tend to practice much more and make each shot count. I can say that more than a few of my students have been drawn to the "Dark Side" too.In conclusion I will always tech my class that if you see a officer with a wheelgun you know two things immeadiately,He knows how to use it and he doesn't waste ammo.Stay safe and thank you for your service
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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