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My good friend Bud (Matchlock) agreed to build me one very special two gun rig and I received it today. I wanted something reminiscent of Doc Holiday's where I could carry a nickel SAA Bird Head Sheriff model on the left in a cross draw and a 4 3/4" barrel SAA on the strong side with a pearl handle boot dagger next to it. Bud did an outstanding job and it surpassed my greatest expectations. He even lined the holsters with a soft suede pigskin and decked out the rig with a nice silver buckle and engraved Texas star Conchos. My pictures just don't do justice to this amazing rig. Bud, Thanks a million.

Nice Pigskin linning:

Doc Holiday's buckel was square:

Mexican loop with basket weave pattern:

Once I fill the loops it will have three cylinders of .45 LC

The cross draw:

Never know when a boot knife is needed:

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Hi Nick, and thank you for the kind comment.

Yes, I was able to use my new machine. The Cobra Class 4 is an absolute whiz at sewing anything right on up to a little over 3/4" of tooling leather.

Every time I run a line of stitches my hands automatically clap together in happiness. No more sore hands from hand stitching anymore. The three hours or so it used to take me to sew 18 cartridge loops now takes me five or six minutes. It's incredible.

Thanks again


Nice job Bud,I'm glad to see ya gettin' back on track.Were you able to use the new machine on that project?.Nick
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