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First time Colt owner here, and I must say I love this are a few pictures...It's a Colt Agent .38 Special made in 1958...I'd say it's held the test of time pretty well

I plan to put this into my rotation of concealed/open carry...I'm a lefty and I want to find a cross-draw OWB leather holster for it, any suggestions?...other holsters I can find but the leather cross-draw for lefty is a little difficult :D Thanks for any help and enjoy the pix


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Can't help you with your holster question - but I can welcome you to the Colt Forum and thank you for the clear pictures of your Agent, ... you've already learned why so many of us keep coming back.

Now, one of the experts on this Forum will be by shortly to answer your question, ... and illustrate the other reason we hang around this place.

Best Regards,


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Kripple - I too am a fan of the Colt snubbies.. For the holster one source you might try is WyattBurp who is a member on this forum.. He is also a lefty and does excellent leather work... I recently bought one of his holsters for my Agent / Det. Spec. and am 'very' happy with it...

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Welcome. I'm pretty new here myself but it's a really great site with some folks who know Colts.
I love Colt snubbies and carry a 1952 Cobra and have an early '70s Det. Special that's too pretty to carry in the safe.

I have the original strong side blk leather belt holster that was issued with my Cobra but I have seen a left side, cross draw model of the same vintage and maker. I'll check by holster and send you the name.
I don't know what loads you are using but I found Federal low pressure defense loads that are safe for the older snubbies and still pack a punch.

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I just bought a lefty, cross-draw for a snubby S&W686 from Kramer. Fit, finish and workmanship is EXCELLENT ! ! I have several Kramers and love them....

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THat's a nice agent. I have one just like it, and it shoots good. I use mostly 3 grains of reddot with cci 500 primer and 148 grain hollow base wadcutter bullet loads. They shoot very close to point of aim. At 15 yards if I hold it real steady and squeeze off each shot, i can keep them easily in a 2 " group. I also have some hotter loads with 140 grain HPXTP (Hornady) bullets that also shoot to same poi as the wadcutters.
Because its so light and the original walnut grips are so small, the recoil is quite noticable with the hotter loads.
But I like the little original checkered walnut grips/stocks because that was the main point of the Agent's design. Yo can carry it in your pants pocket, pocket in your fishing vest,in a coat pocket practically anywhere. The Cobra has the bigger stocks/grips so it's easier to hold better but for concealed carry the Agent's my favorite.
I see alot of left hand holsters at gun shows. You could also look there.

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While cross-draw holsters aren't as popular as they once were, many makers still offer them.

Here's a listing of holster makers. Start looking. Note that some may no longer be valid:

5 shot Leather -
A Holster Company -
A.E. Nelson -
AJ Concealco -
Aker Leather -
Alessi Holsters -
Alfonso's Gunleather -
Andrews Leather -
Arizona Gun Leather -
B&D Concealment Holsters -
Bandera Gunleather -
Bell Charter Oak Holsters -
Bianchi -
Black Hills Leather -
Blackhawk -
Blade Tech -
Boston Leather -
Brigade Gunleather -
Brommeland Gunleather -
Bulldog Custom Gun Leather -
Bulman Gun Leather -
C5 Leather -
C Rusty Sherrick Leather Works -
Center of Mass Holsters -
Combat Gun Leather -
Cobra Gunskin -
Comp-Tac -
Coronado Leather -
CR Speed -
Cross Breed Holsters -
D.M. Bullard Leather -
Dale Fricke Holsters -
De Santis -
Del Fatti -
Don Hume -
Durango Gun Leather -
Eagle Industries -
El Paso Saddlery -
Fin Designs -
Fist -
Fobus Holsters -
Front Line Ltd. -
Galco -
Garrity's GunLeather -
G-Code Holsters -
Ghost Holster -
Gould and Goodrich Holsters -
Gradfather Oak Custom Carry -
Grahams Custom Leather -
Grassburr Leather Works, Inc -
Gunworks -
Haugen Handgun Leather -
Hazel Leather -
HBE Leatherworks -
High Noon -
Hillsman Holster -
Hoffners -
Holsterama -
Horseshoe Leather -
International Handgun Leather -
JS Holsters -
J.W. O'Rourke Leather Products -
K.L. Null Holsters -
Kirkpatrick Leather -
Kramer Leather -
Kytac -
Lightning Arms Sports -
Little Bear Holsters -
Little Feather Leather -
The Malabar Front -
Master of Concealment -
Mernickle Holsters -
Milt Sparks -
Mitch Rosen -
Monica Kuehn Leather -
Mountain Home Leather -
Nosser GunLeather -
Nevada Gun leather -
Nick Matthews Holsters -
Pacific Canvas & Leather -
PagerPal -
Peters Custom Holsters -
Pistol Packaging, Inc -
Pocket Concealment Systems -
Pro Carry Holsters -
Pure Kustom Holsters -
Python Holsters -
Rafter S Gunleather -
Raven Concealment -
Ray's Holsters -
Rick Waltner Holsters -
RKBA Holsters -
RF Holsters -
RM Holsters -
Ross Leather -
Ryan Grizzle Leather -
Safariland -
Sickinger -
Side Armor -
Side Guard -
Simply Rugged Holsters -
SmartCarry -
Southern Holsters -
Strong Holsters -
Sunrise Leather -
Survival Sheath Systems -
TacPro (Kydex) -
Tagua GunLeather -
Talon Tactical (Kydex) -
Tauris Holsters -
Tennessee Holster Company -
TSC Holsters -
TT Gunleather -
Tucker Gun Leather -
Tuff Products -
UBG Holsters -
Uncle Mikes -
Vega holsters -
Wild Bills -

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That was impressive.

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Cross draws aren't as popular for a reason. It's too easy for a BG to pin your arm and prevent you from drawing in a serious situation. But they are great if you are sitting in a car.

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I am a lefty and carry my Detective Special.I have a Galco paddle holster,a desantis inside the waistband holster,a vintage flash holster and a desantis shoulder rig.They are all older models because with the exception of the IWB they were all my Instructor's.He was known as Lefty and I am called Lefty Junior......Mike

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Cross draws aren't as popular for a reason. It's too easy for a BG to pin your arm and prevent you from drawing in a serious situation. But they are great if you are sitting in a car.
they do have their draw backs for'll just be a good option for my cause of my prosthetic leg on my left leg...ordered my holsters today, one for my Colt and one for my Kahr...I'll be sure to post up pics when they come in :D Thanks dfariswheel for all the links...didn't make it all the way down the list before I found what I was lookin for

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Welcome from Michigan. Have a great time here.

Thanks for the great photos of your Agent. dfariswheel provided a comprehensive list of holster makers, and I have used quite a few of them. I'll second the recommendation to contact forum member Wyatt Burp and see what he'd do for you.

I am also a fan of crossdraw carry - primarily because I sit a lot. Also, from my own experiences in early 80s IPSC competition I know crossdraw isn't any slower or faster than strong side carry. Take a look at what's out there and enjoy your search!

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Old Thread but awesome list of holster web address via dfariswheel!

Thanks, D.

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It's an old list. Some of the companies are out of business.

However, it's a good start and many of the companies you never hear of so you don't know that they may offer just what you need.
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