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My Python\'s Sick...Need Help

I have a 1961 Python. I normally shoot SA, but decided to shoot DA. It would not fire. The firing pin was hitting on the right side of the primer in the groove between the primer and case. It would fire fine in SA.

What is happening? I have found a gunsmith, in Portland, that I am comfortable with or do I need to send this to Colt?

Are my loads too hot for a revolver of this age? 125gr hp-xtp's at about 1350fps.

I'm really bummed.

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Re: My Python\'s Sick...Need Help

Sounds like your Python is out of time.
This requires a pro pistolsmith qualified to work on the older style Colt action.

WARNING: True Colt revolver qualified gunsmiths are RARE today.
Many people claim to be able to do good work on Colt's, but all too often you wind up sending the gun to a REAL expert to have the original problem fixed, as well as the problems caused by the local guy.

There are only three Colt repair services I will recommend.

1. The Colt factory. They are usually faster and cheaper than anybody else.

2. Cylinder & Slide in Nebraska. Good but expensive.

3. Pittsburgh Handgun Headquarters
1330 Center Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15229
They used to do Colt's overflow warranty work.

If you use one of these three, your Python will be put in proper shooting order.

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