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My hat is off to you and your wife's Grandfather, Oz! Your re-telling of his story is what will keep breathing a fresh breath of reality into our slowly decaying society. My own father passed in 1997 at age 72. He, too, served as an Infantryman during the Bulge with the 424th Infantry Regiment, 106th Division. Dad has the same awards as your Grandfather, including the Bronze Star and CIB. He even "liberated" a Walther P-38 in a German bunker, but, alas, someone in turn "liberated" it from him. I have since passed Dad's priceless heirlooms to my own son, an Iraqi Campaign combat paratrooper with the 505th PIR, 82d Airborne Division. Reading your Grandfather-in-law's story brought back precious memories of Dad and tears to my own eyes. I salute him! Thank you, Oz, for a soldier's story well-told!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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