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Thanks for all the good information. I have encountered a need for a new barrel on my "Thompson" N/S" I purchased this revolver in the early '70's, strictly on it's good looks.
It had a pair of Python grips installed in a pretty good fashion, and a Thompson sub barrel. I never did any significant shooting with it 'til recently. The essence of it is the chamber throats are .455 (maybe .456), and the barrel is .452. This wouldn't be quite so awful, except that the forcing cone on the 9 1/2 " of Thompson sub barrel is crudely finished. More detailed inspection of the barrel itself reveals it is also crudely finished with visually apparent tool marks end to end. What I'd like to do is find a .454 barrel, not necessarily original N/S, that is compatable with the revolver. It has a good finish and the timing is correct, the action is good. Any suggestions or direction would be much appreciated.
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