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First of all, I assume you are inquiring about a commercial pistol, not a military pistol. If so, the term" 1911" is incorrect since no commercial pistol was ever marked "1911." (Yes, I know the current reissues of the Model 1911 and Model 1911A1 are technically commercial pistols.) All commercial National Match pistols are based on the commercial Colt Government Model, not on military models.

The Gold Cup National Match was introduced in 1957 as a catalog-only name. The pistols are marked "National Match" only. These early pistols are very carefully fitted and have special trigger parts to improve trigger pull and feel. They have Accro rear sights until 1964, when the Elliason rear sight replaced the Accro. The early pistols have a box with a Gold Cup trophy (!) pictured on the box. Such boxes are called "Trophy" boxes for obvious reasons. The guns and the boxes are very collectable.

In 1970, the "Accurizer" bushing was added, the "Mark IV/Series 70" nomenclature was adopted and stamped on the slide, along with "Gold Cup National Match" for the first time.

The Series 80 Gold Cup has the firing pin safety added and the nomenclature adjusted to reflect the Series 80 designation.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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