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Need advice on prices

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I have a couple of questions About prices. Can anyone tell me what a Colt Grizzly in the box with paperwork but no outer sleeve in 95-96% is going for? Also what would a 4" Colt Kodiak with paperwork but no outer sleeve in 95-96% is going for as well. Also a Colt 4" Kodiak in 99% condition. The final one is what would a 100% NIB 1968 4" Blued Colt python go for? Thanks for any advice
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best place to look for what they are going for right now is the completed section on gunbroker you can see ones that have actually sold not just the ones that keep getting listed over and over
Ricky are those yours on GB that just listed?
No Prostrok those aren't mine. I found the ones that i'm asking about locally. I'm watching those you speak of to see what they go for. The tricky one that i'm having problems pricing is the 95%-96% Condition 4" Kodiak and the 100% NIB 1968 4" Blued Python.
Keystone will tell ya what that Kodiak is worth. PM him
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