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Need help for my friend

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I'm new to the site.
Helping my elderly friend with his SAA.
The revolver was purchased in 1961. He hasn't "fixed" or improved anything.
The revolver is as it was purchased.
Having read up on old SSA's here's what I know:
Serial number- 3XXX with A marked by serial number by trigger guard.
7 1/2" barrel.
US marked on frame.
I can't see the cartouche on the wood. Is it replaced wood?
How would you rate the condition/value "if" everything is original?
Is it important that he send it to Kopec? He is apprehensive about shipping.
Any and all help is appreciated.

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Here are the additional pictures. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the barrel lettering. Please feel free to comment and I look forward to reading your opinions.

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Get the Barrel Texts images, also some full views of the whole Revolver, if possible.
For the definitive answer, please send to Mr Kopec.

Having said that, look at post # 11 in the following:

The U.S. on that revolver looks significantly different than yours. Again, look at post # 11, NOT the subject matter of the thread, as it was strongly suggested that revolver is not correct.

Also, note the serial number on the backstrap. It shows signs of more wear than the rest of the revolver. It could have been buffed or there may be another explanation for this, but it seems surprising it would show this degree of wear. For the number 3245, the 4 is visible, and the top part of the 2. This means that the 5 would have to be to the right of the 4, and the midpoint of this serial number approximates the location of the 2, if that is indeed a 2. It could be a 3, 8, or 9 as well. Not to say that this 4 digit number might not actually be off centre, but it seems fairly significant, and it is possible, although my comment is by no means definitive, that the backstrap could have belonged once to a revolver that contained a 5-digit serial number, the 3rd digit being a 2, 3, 8, or 9, and the 4th digit being a 4.

Again, I cannot stress strongly enough, if you want to know for sure, sending to Mr Kopec: John A. Kopec
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Welcome to the forum.
Thanks for sharing the pictures of that Colt.
Look if there is a C in the hammer slot, the bbl address in italics, the serial on the bbl is under the ejector tube.

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Out of curiosity what does the inside of the bbl & cylinder chambers look like?
Are the in good shape or not?
Is it just my old eyes or is the barrel serial different?
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