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Need help Identifying and price of Colt SAA 1886 .45LC Nickeled

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New to the forum Thank you in advance for help and input. I recently acquired what I'm pretty sure is a Colt SAA .45LC mfg 1886 from the serial number. The grips have been replaced with cheap ones and I believe the gun has been re nickeled. The nickel is covering any identifying marks other than the serial number. 45 Cal on the left side of the trigger guard and an "H" on the back of the cylinder. I'm hoping its not a copy. Everything I see is pointing towards a Colt but I'd like a second opinion. and an idea on what it's worth. Serial # is 118XXX. Thanks!
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well hello and welcome to the forum.....great to have u with us...well i am not 100% sure what u have...all of the markings for the most part are polished off and even the hammer is not showing much of the beautiful details it once would be very hard to say what this is without a letter from Colt.....i hope u did not invest much in this one...i am sure others will add to this as well...God Bless,John...
what it looks like to me...and this is just a educated guess....that someone has refinished this more than once...all the details which make the early guns so amazing have been polished away...not sure why....
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