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Need help with value for insurance purposes.

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I was given this pistol by an uncle and want to establish a value for insurance purposes. I have no real knowledge in regards to colt semiautos. If anybody can help me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Gun is original, in the box with the manual, one factory 7 round mag. Finish is satin nickel. Fixed sights, rear may be adjustable for windage, but no screw adjustment. Right side of slide is marked Colt’s Combat Commander in all caps. Right side of frame is marked Colt’s PT. F. A. MFG. CO. Hartford, Conn, U.S.A. (all caps)
Serial number is 70SC10616
Left side of the slide is marked Combat Commander COLT Automatic Caliber .45 (all caps) And has the horse logo
Grips are original wood with horse medallion and COLT
Left side of trigger guard has an upside down 7 and a triangle with a symbol. Can’t read the symbol. Right trigger guard has a 0. (guessing series 70)
Appears to be a forging/casting mark on the left side of the slide at the muzzle. Not a scratch.
Marks on the right side of the slide at the muzzle are from slide to frame contact from cycling. Has been fired very little.
Purchased new in ‘71 or ‘72. Box is marked ‘72
Something was mentioned about a “Mach 2” barrel, but no documentation. Barrel is marked COLT .45 AUTO

From a sellers standpoint I would rate the condition at 98% because of the marks on the slide.
Looking for collector value for insurance purposes.

Thanks, Rocky!

I have tried to post pictures, but the files are too large to upload. I will continue to try.
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I have no idea what the market conditions are in Virginia. In my part of Texas based on your information it should sell for $750 to $1000 depending on how motivated the buyer is.
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Your Combat Commander was made in 1972. The 7 is the number assigned the Colt final inspector, and the triangle you see has VP inside it representing Verified Proof indicating the pistol passed all tests and inspections. The O on the right side of the trigger guard is the letter/number assigned to the assembler.

I would agree on the price for my part of the country also.
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for insurance you should go high ,put a value on it at 1250.00
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