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Wondering Manf. Date Of A Blue 1911 Government .45acp 70 Series?

Serial # 70B239XX

That is a B as in Boy in the third Letter.

Please Help.

And is there a Reference Book With Serial No.'s and Such? I need a Good Colt Reference Book and where to get one?

Thanks! For Any Info In Advance!

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Looks like a 1982 model.

The reference most people use is "Colt: An American Heritage" by R.L. Wilson.

This is considered by the Colt Factory to be the Official history of Colt firearms production.
In the back is a chapter containing all known serial number, model and production of Colt firearms.
The book was written in 1985, and that's were the production info ends.

The book is available from most book stores, on-line book sellers, and direct from R.L. Wilson, who also sells a booklet with the production info only.

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THANKS For The Info on Both Accounts!

I will hunt for the R.L. Wilson Book And The Little Booklet. I had seen the little booklet at a Gun Show awhile back, ($8 or so) but was miffed by the lack of Newer Info. I was hoping for something allot more Current?

I was dumb and passed on the Little Booklet, Thinking it was a old reprint that was out of date, when I saw the info stopped in 1985?

I sure wished there was more current books that come into the years 2000?

Most of my Colts are series 80's and more than likely made in the 90's?

If someone has a Extra Booklet they'd sell cheap (used is fine) I'd like to have one.

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