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Need more information about this Colt

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I found this gun for sale. He says it's a Colt .45 6 shot and thinks it was made in 1917 (which I don't think is correct, but I may be wrong). He said the serial number is 274682 with an H above it. Any idea what model it is and how much it's worth? Thanks.
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Colt New Service. Made in 1920. If bore and chambers look good and it is mechanically sound I'd say $750-$900.
No that serial number puts the manufacture of that gun in 1920. Here's a couple I have. One from 1928 and one from 1903

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Twaits, what value would you put on the 1928? I passed up on one at a local show last weekend that had the same grips and checkered grip frame but 10% less bluing and if I remember in a .44 Special. The grips and back strap checkering are the 2 features that caught my attention but I had no idea of value so passed on it.
If all original that would be a pretty valuable gun. It is what is called a New Service Target. They are most common in .45 Colt like mine. .44 Specials aren't as common and would be an excellent caliber to have. Condition is of course everything but that .44 special if in good shootable condition is definitely well over $1000 gun if it is in it's original unaltered form. Mine is probably worth $1300-$1500. My Grandfather bought it new in 1928 and carried it for many years in the Maine woods.
Thanks for the help Twaits.
No problem. I hope you find that .44 Special again. That would be a really nice gun to have. Post pictures of it if you end up buying it.
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