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Friend of mine just came by my place with his new S&W Governor, .45 ACP, 45 Long COlt, 410 shells and two watermelons. We also got out a resetting steel plate tri-target set. He had all his moon clips, .410 shells and hollow point .45 Long Colts. Impressive.

All I had on my hip was my old Colt Official Police from 1944 with one speedloader of .38 Spl+P LHP 158 Gr., 12 rounds of handloaded LRN+P loaded with like 5.0 grains of Unique.

The Governor was fun to shoot, small grips, hard kick, shot a little high, made a mess of the watermelon. With a little practice and with SA shooting, you could hit the targets and the melon after a while.

With my trusty old OP, pulled, off hand single action blew a big hole caved into the front of the watermelon with a LHP bullet. Then spent the other 5 on the tri target. PING PING PING MISS MISS (don't know why but I missed the top target twice). Anyway, later loaded the 12 handloaded LRN shells. PING PING PING PING PING PING PING PING. (Turn to watermelon) SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT.

The Governor is interesting....but the old school fundamental Official Police just feels right, shoots right and does what it's supposed to one hand.

I REALLY, wish I found fix that one little notch fixed that allows the bolt to slide back up the ramp. Doesn't affect the accuracy or the dependablity of the gun...but it's just an annoying little quirk on my favorite gun.
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