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Well I bought the OMT I found the other day. Yes this is the refinished one I was talking about in the other thread. No I didn't pay the $750 he they were wanting.

After much hem hawing about the price they were wanting for the OMT I talked them down to $575 out the door.

Haven't shot it yet, but I do enjoy the heft and feel of it. I previously had a very abused Trooper .22 Mk III, and I had to sell it. I like the larger frame and didn't enjoy the Official police in my hand.

With the confusion on SN on OMTs, I am guessing it is a 1948 model, serial number is 540xx.

Anyway, I may have still overpaid, but I am happy with it.

Just need to finish removing the homemade 3 dot white sites a previous owner applied. I still have 20/20 vision dang it.

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