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i just purchased a colt 1911 new agent with crimson trace laser grips. i have the following problems:

1. failure to feed and eject spent ammo
2. the spent cartridges fly directly backwards striking me in the head!

i have tried different magazines, ammunition, and had several shooters use the firearm with the same results. the gun is well cleaned and oiled after every use. this has happened numerous times. i have about 300 rounds through the firearm. any suggestions? thanks.

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A common cause of these problems is that the extractor may not have enough tension and is failing to hold the fired cartridge during extraction and ejection.

To test extractor tension, remove the slide from the frame and remove the barrel from the slide.

Using a LOADED cartridge, turn the slide upside down and push the case up under the extractor.
Turn the slide right side up and gently shake the slide. The case should remain in place and not easily fall out.
If the round drops out easily, the extractor needs to be bent in toward the case.
This is done by removing the extractor from the slide and putting a slight bend in the middle.
There are several ways this can be done, so do some reading on the subject. There's info available with a Google search.

Failures to feed is a separate problem. Causes can be extractor related, a rough breech face, or a feed ramp problem.

Since you have a new gun, I strongly advise contacting Colt about returning the gun for factory repair under the guarantee.
If you contact Colt, they'll send you a shipping label so you don't have to pay shipping charges.
Colt will properly diagnose the problems, fix them, and return the gun direct to you.

This is by far the best option, because attempting to fix things yourself can void the warranty.
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