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There was/is a whopping difference between the S&W Standard Catalog and at least the 1st copy of the Colt Standard Catalog.

The S&W catalog contains a great deal of information on production dates and serial number ranges.
The authors had access to S&W records and wrote a book giving useful info.

The Colt catalog is really noting more than gun value information lifted whole and unchanged from the Gun Digest Book for Gun Values.
It contains very little usable information and much of that is wrong. It suffers from a common problem with many gun books; photos of the wrong gun with the description for a different model, and just plain incorrect information.
It was written with probably no input from Colt or Colt records.
In short it's a value book, where the S&W catalog is a reference book fro collectors.

I'll wait to see if they corrected the bad info and mis-matched pictures, but it's still a values book not an information reference.

However, it's the only new Colt specific book done in some years so it has at least some value.
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