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The Hogue Mono-Grip is a favorite of Colt owners for the smaller size.
If you don't like finger grooves, Hogue offer no grooves as an option on their fancy wood versions.

Another popular option is to buy Herrett's grips. If you send them a tracing of your hand, they custom fit the grips to you.
I think they offer more models than the web site shows.
The site appears to be down right now.................

Herrett's Stocks

Of course, it's easy to modify grips to fit your hand. All you need is some sand paper and a fresh finish after modifications.
As described in another post on the New Python grips, since they're made of wood Micarta, alterations are even simpler.
Just file or sand to size, sand with very fine sand paper, then polish with a buff and polishing media or use a metal or plastic polish with some blue jean material.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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