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Hello from upstate New York, I've got good news! I finally found the missing key to my gun safe. Locked it up tight from my two little boys, and put the key in a safe spot. Couldn't find it for 10 years! Now the boys are 16 and 20. 16 year old has wanted to look in that thing forever, today was the day.

He is still grinning ear to ear after getting to hold and work all the actions! Most exciting is the Colt Python 357, put it in the safe and it was worth a few hundred dollars. Now I take it out and its worth much more. Joining this forum to try find its value.

Colt python 357 mag CTG I think its a 1959 based on the serial number 076XX. Blue 4 inch barrel, Brand new condition, no box, no paperwork. How do I try t find its value? I am interested in selling it. Thanks!
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