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New Gold Cup sight adjustment (22LR)

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Santa brought me a new Colt Gold Cup so I dashed off to the range early this morning to plink with it!
Point of aim is bullseye.
Appears to be firing high and a little to the left at 25 metres (27 yards 1 ft).
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Sadly with the elevation adjustment there is anly one click "clockwise" available.
(Manual states: If the pistol shoots too high - turn the screw clockwise.)

Also with "windage" the screw is already at maximum "clockwise" position.
(Manual states: If the pistol shoots to the left - turn the screw clockwise.)

When aiming at 6 o'clock (black area) this is the result.
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I find it strange the the adjustments are "maxxed" for clockwise adjustment.

Is there a solution to this issue?

Many thanks and greetings from Melbourne Australia on Christmas day (at 1753).
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Colt/ Umarex Gold Cup Trophy

Merry Xmas, and G'day from snowy Canada!
I have the same pistol, and have almost 10,000 trouble free rounds through it.
From the bottom pic, it appears to me that you are going the wrong way on the windage screw. I just had a look at mine (pic's attached) and the windage adjustment is just off centre to the right. My elevation is just about maxed out to the bottom. I remember sighting mine in and found the adjusting screws to be quite stiff. I shoot at a 25 yard indoor range and mine is very accurate with CCI standard velocity ammunition. My point of aim with my aging eyes is bullseye. Keep trying and report back your progress.

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Thank you 824tsv I changed ammo (CCI high velocity to standard) and it made a marginal difference. The problem was that there was no movement in the sight windage and minimal in the sight elevation adjustment. The gun has been returned to the Australian Colt importers (Frontier Arms) for evaluation.

I would have thought that Walther's (German) quality control (manufacturing under a Colt licence) would have been impeccable!

Sadly I was wrong!

Problem is one buys a gun and then has to spend extra money in returning that gun securely to the local agent. So Frontier Arms, the local importer, is expecting me to cover that cost! Looks as though a call to Walther and / or Colt, may be in order!

Will keep you posted!
I have read that there were some complaints of rear sights that become loose. As I said, I do remember the adjusting screws were stiff, maybe lubing with some WD40 may help, but if you are sending it back, hopefully you will get it back fixed, or replaced. For the money, IMHO you can't beat these little pistols. Probably the best little money I've spent on a firearm. Maybe I was lucky enough to get the pistol that was assembled on a tuesday vs a friday afternoon or a monday morning.
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