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I just bought and installed a Wolff spring kit and Wilson Combat Bullet Proof firing pins, extractors
disconnector and sear in two of my shooters.
Does anyone have any experience with these Bullet Proof disconnectors and sears?
Do they normally need fitted and or stoned?

I recently bought a sear file and stones but haven't had the need to use them yet.
Can anyone recommend a source on the proper method to stone a sear and is a jig necessary?

I know,,,a lot of questions:)

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Disconnectors seldom need any fitting. At most they may benefit from light smoothing of the working surfaces on the bottom, but with quality parts even that is seldom needed or of any real benefit.

"Matched" hammer and sear kits "can" be dropped in and will usually give an acceptable trigger, but may need at least some slight fitting due to variances in frames and parts.
For the best trigger, hammers and sears always need work if you're trying for a ultra-light trigger, and you have to insure safe and proper operation.
When you're trying for an ultra-light trigger you're approaching the edge of safe operation. This is why ultra-light triggers really have no place on a true defense gun, they belong on range toys or Match guns.

A jig is really much easier and faster to do a good trigger job.
Even pros have trouble maintaining perfect angles and surfaces, and a jig eliminates the human element giving machine-like perfection

Most good jigs come with complete instructions on how to use.
Buy from Brownell's, they sell the best brands.
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