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My first Colt was a used Python, slick but someone had softened the main spring so it only fired w-w primers, that annoyed me so I sold it. My nest Colt was a nickeled Police Positive in 38spl. It was one of Colts last production pieces, bought it new, loved it and would still have it but the zombies broke into my home and stole it. I replaced it with a King Cobra which is sold (SPF) and it will be replaced with a used Colt New Frontier in 357 that is on order.

The gents I worked with were Smith fans, and I had a nice 29 that the zombies grabbed when they took the PPS. My other 2 are not wheel guns, they are Russian 22's, one in LR and the other in Short.

I'm looking forward to loading one, skip, add four, cock and let the hammer down on the empty chamber.
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