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New member from new England

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Hello, I am new to colts. Other than some early revolvers, there workmanship has gone unnoticed by me. I recently came across some pythons which I bought, and am now a colt fan across the board. Worried this could be expensive. Lots ofInfo here and look forward to learning more. Thanks, Steven
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Welcome to the Forum, Steven. Always great to have another freedom-loving New Englander with us. Hope you are fortunate enough to live in one of the more gun-friendly areas of New England. Seems you are a hopeless Colt basket case already. They ARE addictive and collecting can be a very expensive proposition. Join the club and enjoy!
Welcome to the forum, the first step is admitting it. You are well on your way now! Enjoy the ride!
Welcome to the Colt forum.
Steven, welcome to the Forum. New Hampshire is my kind of NE state. Live Free or Die !
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