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New Member in Connecticut

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Hello Folks,

New to the forum, trapped here in the most taxed, second most regulated (and working toward the lead) state in the Union.
Just purchase my first Colt - and suspecting not my last - a very nice WW II Commander.

I've already enjoyed reading some very interesting posts, and seeing the willing and helpful answers given to questions from the new guys on the block.

Looking forward to many more.

Ken B.
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Welcome to the forum from the land of 10K Lakes:)! These guys (i.e., forum members) are good, they know their Colts!
Welcome from Texas.
Welcome aboard the Forum, Ken! Hope you're not apologizing for living in CT. It's nice to know there are freedom-loving freedom fighters still there. If there's going to be change in CT it has to start from within and you appear to be a reliable patriot to answer the call. Careful about building that Colt arsenal. It's very addicting.
Hi Ken, welcome to the Colt Forum. You'll enjoy that Commander!
Welcome.....geez, I thought I had bought all the Colts here in CT already though.....
Welcome from Arizona.
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