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Greetings! Well I just signed up on here and I need help.

First let me say this is great sight with lots of insightful things to read and talk about! Well done!!

I have decided I want a good revolver. I looked at the S&W revolvers but I keep getting referred to the Colt Python and have been told it is the finest revolver available. I have settled on either the King Cobra which I found for around $800 or the Python which I know will run more. Does anyone have any recommendations? I do plan to carry it from time to time but really want I want to know is if there is a big difference between the two guns other than the price? Is Colt still making the Python in their Custom Shop and can my local dealer probably get it? Is the King Cobra crap or is it a great gun too? I just dont have much exp with revolvers.
Thanks in advance for your help!!!!

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The Python MAY be currently available from the Custom Shop.
Check with Colt for the final word on this.

Colt suspended the Python and Anaconda for the year, while they install new production machines.
Production will resume early next year.

I suggest doing some reading in the Revolver Forum. Most of what you want to know is in there.

The short version:
The King Cobra is a high-quality TANK.
I personally rate it as 1/2 step above a S&W 686, about a full step above the Ruger GP-100, and head and shoulders above the Taurus.

Master gunsmith Jerry Kuhnhausen considered the King Cobra to be the strongest mid-frame revolver ever built, due to Colt's superior forged and heat treated frames and cylinders.
Quality is HIGH, accuracy is usually better than most any other revolver, and it's certainly durable.

The Colt Python is in a class all it's own.
The Python was and is the finest production revolver of all time.

What you get with a Python is essentially a custom built, hand assembled and finished revolver.
Colt lavishes expensive hand fitting, finishing, and polishing on the Python.

The action is individually assembled, fitted, polished, and tuned by a Master fitter with many years of experience.

When the S&W or Ruger are blued and are being boxed up for shipment, the Python is still being hand polished by an expert polisher with finer and finer grit polishes.

In other words, the Python is a revolver version of a custom 1911 auto built by a Wilson, Clark, Brown, or one of the other top custom builders.

The high price comes from the extensive hand labor.

Accuracy is legendary, and is almost always the most accurate revolver you'll ever own.

The Python is a Rolls Royce, and does need to be treated like one.
You don't take a Rolls off-roading in the mountains, and you don't shoot the Python as fast and as hard as you can jerk the trigger.

As an expensive custom specialty firearm, you should treat it so.
Other, lesser revolvers will take more abuse.
The Python does not take abuse well.

Take care of it, shoot it like a precision instrument and it'll last you a life time and then some. It will be the finest pistol you'll likely ever see, much less own.

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I do plan to carry it from time to time

[/ QUOTE ]

I gather you're not going to conceal. /forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif

The 6" Python is the way to go. The 6 has the best balance. The earlier models have wonderful triggers. My 1956 (2nd year production) had such a light trigger that I had accidental shootings. It scared me and I sold it.

If your going to carry I wouldn't get a 95%+ revolver. This way you won't loose value. I went on GA and found many Python's going for $700-800 at 85-95% quality. I'd spend a little money for hogue grips (I think those rubber grips suck). Check out the stainless model.

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Welcome to the group,Im also new here , only my second day. Once you get a Python you will not want anything else except maybe another Python.6" stainless was my first one back in the early 80's I still have it, still looks brand new. I like the orginal wood grips that the gun comes with.
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