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New member, stupid and probably repeat question

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What replacement sights alternatives exist if I buy a new Gold Cup? My eyes aren't what they used to be and the all black (especially against black targets) produce zero contrast. I love the Trijicon HD sights. The gun is for the range and maybe home defense if needed.


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Buckeye50, welcome to the Forum. Your question sound like a good one. I am sure some of the members will have suggestions for you. I am like you, my eyes have gotten so bad that I need all the contrast I can get from sights.
Welcome to the forum Pat!
Buckeye50, Welcome to the site. I echo your situation, recent cateract surgery helped some, but nothing will give back our passing years.
I recently seen a set of Williams sights on a Ruger Single Ten. A search found their web site, they have been around for a long time. I really found their sights quite bright on that ruger. They make sights for a lot of guns, might take a look.

THanks for the warm welcome. One of my local gun shops that LOVES Colt suggest this forum. This looks like a good start. I know this might sound offensive to some but I am wondering about possible Meprolight, Trijicon (HD's) or others. I know th Gold Cup is a precision instrument meant for competition but the truth is just LOVE the way the gun feels, shoots and points. I will not be competitive with it but need something more than black on black or I wont' simply be able to buy it.

When product companies refer to "government" or "Knovak" or "1911" or "1991" models, or WHATEVER, do any of these apply to the GOld Cup? ALso for some reason the Gold Cup feels awesome in my hands. I have always loved and shot best thick-handled grips and the grips on the Gold Cup today were fantastic. This gun has become my next new obsession but I MUST solve the sight issue before I dump a $grand+


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Buckeye50, welcome to Coltforum from a fellow Buckeye.

I paint the front sights fluorescent red, using Testor's Ultra Bright Fluorescent enamel, $6.99 for 6 colors and a solvent. I apply several coats with a toothpick, with plenty of drying time between coats. I only use one of the colors, and think it is a good deal. Yellow under a couple or three coats of red works well, also, for me.

Paint helps to see the front sight, and many solvents will remove the paint (including the one in the Testor's box), with no damage to the original finish. I am age 61, with aging eyes, and that is how I address the problem.

Paint is cheap, easy, might solve your problem, and is easy to remove if that is not the right solution for you.

BTW, where do you find a nice Gold Cup for a grand?
I didn't find it for a $1,000. I think I mentioned a grand+. Vanc'es in Columbus has them for I think $1,299. THey are always high but have great stock levels and variety. I am sure I can find it less, NIB but I am open to any suggestions. Yes, I too had cataract surgery and just turned 61. I feel 51 but the body parts are catching up with me (like the eyes).

As far as I know, Trijicon does not make any sights for the Gold Cup.

The suggestion of Collects may be the best option for you.
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"Paint is cheap, easy, might solve your problem, and is easy to remove if that is not the right solution for you."

Collects is spot on. For tired old eyes, this is inexpensive and it works to highlight the front sight.
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Welcome to the forum. I am not sure if they are available for the gold cup but I put a set of the green fiber optic Tru glo sights on my kimber and love them. The sights are also Tritium so they are bright at night as well. I understand the old eyes.
maybe send the slide off and have a brass bead installed in the front sight? I believe trijicon will also add night sight capability to a front sight if the slide is sent in. I have seen it done on a Walther P88
I'm sorry to tell you this, but when it comes to stupid questions, yours isn't even in the running. If you want to be a contender, you're facing competiton like the fellow who wondered if his chrome plated Webley was issued to RAF crewmen so if they were shot down they could use it as a signal mirror.

As for your sights, my vision has also deteriorated. For years I've been painting my front sight. The best color I've found to date is a fluroscent pink acyrlic, brand name Folkart, I bought for a couple dollars in the craft section at Wal-Mart. Of course when one goes to the range with a a fluroscent pink front sight, one runs the risk of strange men smiling, brushing your arm with their fingertips, and inviting you for a drink at this special little club they know. But the beauty of painted sights is that if the color doesnt work out, its easy to try other shades.
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"..they could use it as a signal mirror."

You might look at these: 1911 Colt ELLIASON, NIGHT SIGHT SET, Gold CUP | Fusion Firearms
I have seen them on a Gold Cup and they brighten up the picture. I've never shot with them though.
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