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New member with a Trooper .357

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Hi, I just found the forum today and thought I'd share some shots of my Trooper .357. It belonged to an Illinois State Trooper who passed away in the 70's and left it to my grandpa, who left it to my dad, and then to me. I've shot it many times over the years and while I like my Glocks and 1911's, there's something about a well-made old revolver that I enjoy! The serial number dates it to 1964. It's a great shooting and accurate piece!

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A great gun with your family history! Welcome to the Forum.
Welcome to the forum and a nice gun with great history!
Nice, timeless heirloom there, indeed, with a traceable history. Enjoy your Trooper and the Forum, too!
Great Colt, the Trooper. Welcome to the Colt forum from Arizona.
The Type 2 target stocks would be correct for that time. I don't know how common they would have been on LE revolvers. I'd think the smaller checkered wood service grips would be seen more often.
Welcome from Texas. Thanks for sharing.
Great gun. I too like the look of the wood stocks better.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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