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Hello everyone.
I am new to this forum and I've yet to see how much activity is here but I hope this is a great forum that will live up to my expitations. I frequently shoot Rifles, AR's most of the time.

I live in Eastern New Mexico where my family lives. I am Retired USMC. I am confined to a wheelchair with a spinal cord injury although that doesn't slow me down much. I have a bit of experience with firearms and AR's although I don't consider myself an "Expert" by any means.

I just purchased a New Colt AR today. It's the Sporter Competation HBAR. The box lacked the instructions for Breakin and I am going to shoot tomorrow. If no one can provide this info I'll use the 1 round then clean repeated 5 times then 5 rounds then clean and repeat five times (30 round breakin).
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