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New python owner

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Figured it was about time to join the forum and check out some awesome guns! My most recent purchase is a 4 inch blue python I plan on shooting and carrying.
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welcome to the forum.....I too am a new python owner. Its my first one ever owned, its a 1957 6 inch blue python. Have not fired it yet just got it on Thursday. Anyways.... there are a lot of knowledgeable people on here and can help with any questions.

Welcome to the forum! Pythons are wonderful firearms.
Hi Nolan; welcome to the Colt Forum. Glad you're here.
Welcome aboard, pictures or it didn't happen, LOL! Welcome and happy shooting.
Welcome to the forum and how about some pics? We like pics, especially ones of Pythons.
Welcome to the Colt Forum from TN.
It won't allow me to upload pics. I'll figure something out. a new owner too..once i got to fire buddys 6", i had to have at least one.
Welcome aboard from WI! Enjoy your Python.
Welcome from sure to shoot that Snake. You will love it even more!
Welcome aboard the Forum, Nolan. Plenty to learn here and do share. Enjoy!
come on now Nolan, your from the Show Me state! :)

It won't allow me to upload pics. I'll figure something out.
this is all i can do for now, it appears i'm not very technologically inclined.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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