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New Service 44 Russian and Special and a friend

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Looks like it dates to 1925 and the 45 Colt dates to 1917. neither one is in great condition but they both lock really tight. Was told they were in better condition than they actually are but I like strays. I do not see many NS in 44 special, are they a little more scarce than the 45 and 44-40?

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Well good job, I see that you got them and knowing what you paid for them I would say that you did really well. The 4 1/2" New Service in .44 Russian/S&W Special is a very hard one to find and I am betting that you won't see many posted here. That gun alone is worth what you paid for both so it's like you got the .45 for free. Let us know how they shoot.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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